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To donate eggs

Having children is a wish shared by many couples and single women. Most of the time, it occurs naturally or as a result of fertility therapy using your own eggs and sperm or donated sperm. Sometimes, a woman's eggs lack the capacity to mature into embryos that can lead to pregnancy. Using donated eggs may then be a choice that improves the likelihood.

Who is eligible to donate eggs?

You must be between 23 and 35 years old, in good health, and not a smoker or snuff user in order to donate eggs. Although it is not necessary, it is advantageous if you already have children.

A specialist doctor examines what exactly your conditions look like by examining your ovaries with ultrasound and analyzing test samples.

For more about your options to donate eggs, please call us at 010-288 90 00.

How does it function?
If you want to become an egg donor, you can apply via a health declaration. We will give you more details when you contact us. Once the health declaration has been filled out, we will contact you for a more in-depth talk and, if you are suitable for donation, book a personal meeting with blood sampling for hormones and infection tests. You will then be booked in for a doctor’s appointment.

At the doctor’s visit, test results are reviewed and an ultrasound examination of your ovaries is performed. This is to see what the egg reserve looks like, i.e., how many egg follicles there are. You will also get to meet a psychotherapist or psychologist to talk about the law on genetic privacy, what donation means for you as a donor, what it means for the recipient of your donated eggs, and what it means for the child who will be born after your donation.
A plan is then made for the treatment itself. The treatment usually takes place within a few months, up to six months.

The treatment consists of hormone stimulation and egg retrieval. The stimulation is done so that your ovaries develop a number of mature eggs, i.e., more eggs than during a normal menstrual cycle, when usually only one egg develops. This takes about two weeks. Egg retrieval takes place with good pain relief, and usually it takes around 20 minutes.

Can the child go looking for me?
All children born after a donation treatment in Sweden have the legal right to find out their genetic origin. This means that when the child has reached a mature age, he or she can receive contact details for you from our clinic. Of course, we will contact you if your contact details have been disclosed. The child’s parents, on the other hand, have no right to find out your information; you are completely anonymous to them.

How many children can my eggs produce?
According to the law, eggs donated by a woman in Sweden can give rise to children in a maximum of six different families.

Is there any compensation?
For donating eggs, you will receive SEK 12,100 in compensation. That sum must replace any loss of income and compensate for travel costs.

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