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About us

In 2007, the doors were opened to our very first IVF clinic in Gothenburg. A lot has happened since then, and over the years we have become a strong organization with four IVF clinics in Sweden that have the backing of one of the world’s largest international IVF groups.

Today, you can find our clinics in Malmö, Gothenburg, and Stockholm. We are part of Eugin, which is based in Spain and has IVF clinics all over the world. Being part of the world-leading Eugin IVF organization gives us access to a large international network of colleagues for support and collaboration, as well as the opportunity to regularly attend scientific meetings. The ownership also promotes research and education in the field of IVF.

In June 2018, the four clinics merged into a Swedish group, with Eugin Sweden AB as the parent company, which in turn is owned by Eugin. Our clinics have a total of 20 specialists in reproductive medicine, and in total we perform approximately 2000 IVF treatments annually.

Quality assurance and certification

Since 2009, the management systems for Nordic IVF meet the quality and environmental requirements governed by ISO 14001, ISO 9001, and SOSF 2011:9 (M) regarding applicable legislation and regulations. We continuously monitor compliance with the regional rules and patients’ demands, and we continually carry out improvements. Such systematic corrective and preventive measures pervade all parts of the company. All processes are carefully documented. Our digital journal system increases efficiency and allows us to continuously monitor and statistically analyze results to improve treatments.

KUPP – Quality from the patient perspective (Sw. kvalitet ur patientens perspektiv)

All IVF clinics in Sweden are regularly surveyed for quality via a questionnaire sent to the patients by Q-IVF, a national quality register for assisted fertilization. Patients who have had egg retrieval or insemination are asked to give their personal opinions about the IVF clinic’s availability, information, medical care, personal treatment, etc. A KUPP report including all IVF clinics in Sweden is compiled every 18 months with the aim of ensuring development and quality in assisted reproduction. These reports can be found on the Q-IVF home page.


Being yourself should be a matter of course for everyone. LGBTQ- and equality-related work supports the staff to feel secure and be a given part of the community. It is important to us that our activity includes all people, regardless of sex, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion, etc. Through the LGBTQ certification of all our staff, we strive for an open and inclusive work environment, which in all aspects also includes our patients.

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