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Pre- and post-treatment close to your home town

In Gothenburg and Malmö, we work with doctors from all over the country who manage pre- and post-treatment prior to IVF. All of them are particularly experienced in this field, and you can turn to them with confidence. In this way, you only need to spend a relatively short amount of time in Gothenburg or Malmö.

When parts of the treatment are managed by a doctor close to your domicile, also known as a “remote doctor,” part of the treatment cost is paid to Nordic IVF and part to the remote doctor. You can always contact us if you have questions about how it works.

Here you will find a list of contact details for the doctors we collaborate with at our clinics:

Remote doctors in Gothenburg

Remote doctors in Malmö

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Solna Strand

Korta gatan 9
171 54 Solna
08-88 77 00

Hammarby Sjöstad

Hammarby allé 93
120 63 Stockholm
08-420 036 09


Odinsgatan 10
411 03 Göteborg
031-333 09 70


Geijersgatan 2B
216 18 Limhamn
040-15 00 60