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The IVF- Day & the FERTILITY- Day

Our group, EUGIN Sweden, organizes the annual education days called the IVF day and the FERTILITY day.

Thanks to our international network of researchers and clinics that works within reproductive medicine, we have the privilege of being able to invite prominent international researchers as lecturers during our education days.

Mats Brännström is a senior physician and professor of obstetrics and gynecology, but perhaps best known for being the first in the world to transplant a uterus that has later on undergone a completed pregnancy. Mats works as a doctor within our group, and is also our Scientific Director with responsibility for research projects and collaboration with various pharmaceutical companies for annual arrangements of scientific meetings – such as the IVF Day and FERTILITY Day. Together, our clinics conduct the majority of all research that exists within private IVF in Sweden, and the education days that we organize is aimed to spread knowledge to our employees and industry colleagues about current research findings in assisted fertilization. Employees in our industry whom has a focus on reproductive medicine have the opportunity to be part of this forum where they take part in the latest research results.

In addition, it provides the opportunity for networking, exchange of knowledge and room for discussion about our clinical methods and the techniques that we use.

  • The IVF day is always given during the month of October and is arranged in collaboration with the pharmaceutical company Merck. The topics covered are related to research and clinical activity in IVF. The target group is above all doctors, embryologists and nurses who are active in clinical IVF.

  • The FERTILITY day is always given in the spring and is arranged in collaboration with the pharmaceutical company Gedeon Richter. Topics covered are related to fertility and infertility. The target group is doctors within IVF, doctors who carry out fertility investigations and nurses with a profile against infertility.

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