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The desire to start a family

With us you will meet committed co-workers with long experience and great knowledge of infertility. We perform both the workup and treatment for involuntary childlessness – for opposite-sex and same-sex couples, and for single women. Our mission is to help as many as possible in their desire to start a family. It is important for us that you feel secure and have confidence in us.

The first step – infertility workup

Before it is possible to treat infertility, a workup for infertility to find out the reason should be made. For more information, contact our clinics in Solna StrandHammarby SjöstadGothenburg, and Malmö, and we will help you.

What causes involuntary childlessness?

In opposite-sex couples, the reasons for infertility are found in one third of cases in the woman, in one third in the man, and in the remaining third no reasons are found. This is why the workup is so important: if it is possible to find a reason and then proceed with planning for the optimal treatment.

Not being able to have a child the natural way may cause strong emotions and be difficult to handle. Some of the women or couples who contact us have a long history of failed attempts, and their desire to become parents can be incredibly strong. If you think you are in need of counseling and support, more information is available here.

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