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Our employees

Here are our employees working at our clinic in Solna Strand.

Clinical Director & Medical Director

The operations manager and Medical Director ensure that the medical care of patients meets the requirements for high patient safety and good care.
Linda Bjärgestad Lamp
Clinical Director & nurse
Ragad Samir
Raghad Samir
Medical Director, Senior Consultant, Doctor of Medicine & subspecialist in reproductive medicine


You will meet our doctors in connection with the planning of treatment, ultrasound examinations, egg retrieval, embryo transfers and PESA/TESA (surgical collection of sperm).
Mats Brännström
Mats Brännström
Professor & Senior Consultant
Gerasimos Tzortzatos
Senior Consultant, Doctor of Medicine, & subspecialist in reproductive medicine
Panagiotis Tsiartas Nordic IVF
Panagiotis Tsiartas
Senior Consultant, PhD, & subspecialist in reproductive medicine

Senior Consultant, PhD, & subspecialist in reproductive medicine

You will have telephone contact with our nurses and assistant nurses in connection with booking and information and you will meet them for information about treatment and injection techniques, egg retrieval and insemination.
Mats Brännström
Jenny Sahl
Team leader & assistant nurse
Ragad Samir
Jessica Nyberg
Camilla Helgegren Nordic IVF
Camilla Helgegren
Cecilia Af Schmidt Nordic IVF
Cecilia af Schmidt
Elin Mauritzon Nordic IVF Stockholm
Elin Mauritzson
Lehna Lundvall Nordic IVF Stockholm
Lehna Lundvall


You will meet our embryologists during egg retrieval, embryo transfer, and insemination. They work with fertilization, cultivation, assessment of embryos, selection of embryos for transfer, and freezing and thawing.
Ragad Samir
Nashwan Jalal Markus
Laboratory Manager & Embryologist
Ragad Samir
Linus Bogesjö
Ragad Samir
Linda Ärfström
Mats Brännström
Linda Nordén


Our administrative employees work to streamline and support operations in various areas, including reception, invoice management and IT.

Malin Zachrisson

Felicia Bjärgestad Nordic IVF
Felicia Bjärgestad

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