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You must complete a health declaration with details about your health and medical history prior to your fertility evaluation and initial consultation.

Health declaration

Before your first visit to the clinic, print and complete the health declaration found here. If you are a couple, fill out a health declaration for each of you.

Health declaration English


If you are being treated with us, you need to fill out a consent form that you bring at the time of embryo transfer or insemination. Here are consent forms for those who undergo IVF  and for those who undergo insemination.

If you would like a copy of your submitted consent, please complete the request for a copy of consent and send it to us by post, along with a copy of your ID.

Journal copies

If you would like copies of your medical record or test results, we recommend that you send a request to us via 1177.

You may also visit the clinic, but remember to bring your ID. Kindly phone us on 08-88 77 00 a few days in advance so we can prepare printouts. If you have a long way to travel, you can print out and fill out the form for requesting copies of medical records and send it to us by postal mail, along with a copy of your ID.

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