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Psychological support in Stockholm

The longing for a child and the process of fertility treatment is for many an emotional roller coaster. At some point, most people feel that they need psychological support. Our psychotherapist has extensive experience meeting those people.

Our clinics in Stockholm have a collaboration with PsykologiHuset, where their psychologists and psychotherapists work partly with psychological counseling for those of our patients who need it and partly with the psychosocial work-up that is required before donation treatment.

Are you going through an IVF process and want professional support?

PsykologiHuset offers municipal family counseling for singles and couples undergoing an IVF process. Our psychologists and psychotherapists have experience dealing with the unique concerns, thoughts, and emotions that may arise while waiting to become a parent. Family counseling is an opportunity to reflect and get advice about your situation from a psychologist or psychotherapist. We have good knowledge of the IVF process and collaborate with several fertility clinics.

With us, family counseling is available for those of you who live in Stockholm. If you come from another municipality, you need to pay for the consultations yourself.

To book counseling, call  +46 73-55 40 161.
Price: 450 SEK for 90 minutes

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