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Psychological support in Malmö

A fertility work-up and treatment often means periods of stress and mental strain, when support and counseling with a psychotherapist can help you move on.

A visit to a psychotherapist is similarly included as part of an investigation prior to donation treatment, also called a psychosocial assessment or investigation.

We collaborate with Teresia Hemåker at PsykologCentrum in Malmö,

Teresia works with assessment, counseling, and consultation for single people and couples undergoing assisted reproduction with donated gametes. She is a sociologist, certified psychotherapist, and supervisor.

In addition to working with attachment and relationship issues related to pregnancy, involuntary childlessness, and parenting in women’s healthcare, Teresia has experience with crisis support and crisis processing in emergency healthcare and oncology.

You may contact Teresia at teresia@hemakerpsykoterapi.se.

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